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Hadassah University Medical Center IL.png

Hadassah University Medical center is a tertiary care referral hospital, a world class medical institution with a global reputation for excellence and outstanding medical care. Today, Hadassa includes two university hospitals which provide all medical and surgical sub-specialties: Hadassah Ein-Kerem and Hadassah Mount Scopus. The two hospitals holds together 1000 beds, 120 outpatient clinics, more than 70 departments and specialized units, 31 operating theatres, 9 specialized ICUs, and 5 schools for medical education and clinical training operated in collaboration with the Hebrew University.

Hadassha conduct in its research units and interdisciplinary research centers more than half of the hospital research carried out in the country. Hadassah has established Centers of Excellence where brain trust of scientists and clinicians are working in cooperation to integrate clinical care with the latest scientific findings.

Hadassah welcomes international patients from all across the globe for a wide range of treatments, from physical check ups and second opinions to complex surgeries and cutting edge therapies.

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Featured Article

Facts about Joint Commission International

Jci logo larg.gif

The Joint Commission International (JCI) was established in 1997 as a division of the Joint Commission Resources, Inc. (JCR), a private, non-profit affiliate of the Joint Commission. JCI main focus, as stated in its mission, is to extend the Joint Commission’s mission into the world. In order to accomplish this, JCI assist international health care organizations, public health agencies, health ministries and others in the process of improving their quality and safety of patient care. JCI worldwide operation covers more than 80 countries. International hospitals seek accreditation to demonstrate quality, and JCI accreditation is considered a seal of approval by medical travelers from the U.S.

In 2007, JCI was accredited by the International Society for Quality in Health Care (ISQua). ISQA is a non-profit, independent organization, that accredits accrediting bodies, with members in more than 70 countries. With the approval of ISQua, we can be assured that the standards, training and processes used by JCI to survey the performance of health care organizations, meet the highest international benchmarks for accreditation entities.

In fact, the world’s first World Health Organization (WHO) Collaborating Centre, dedicated exclusively to patient safety solutions, is a joint partnership between the WHO, The Joint Commission, and JCI.

In 1999, JCI accredited the first hospital outside the US, Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein, a private, non-profit, non-governmental facility in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Since then, more than 300 public and private health care organizations have been accredited by JCI.

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